At PayPessa, we understand how seemingly complex processing transactions may seem to the average person. However, we are committed to ensuring that the process is as easy and simple for you as possible. That is why we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions from our users to give you a better understanding of our processes and services.

A chargeback is simply a debit to a seller's account from a past sales transaction. Chargebacks often occur owing to errors committed by the merchant in the process of submitting their credit card transactions. Disputes raised by the card owners and unauthorized transactions may also necessitate a chargeback. Should there be need for a chargeback, we will notify you and ask for proof of authorization of the sale from the cardholder before we proceed to take any action.

When a cardholder opens a dispute or queries a transaction made on your website, PayPessa will send you a Sales Draft Copy Request which is essentially a request to the merchant to provide proof of transaction of the sale made by the cardholder in question. This proof of transaction could be an online receipt, an email detailing the transaction record or proof of delivery (featuring the recipient's signature). If the merchant is unable to provide an authentic proof of sale within a given period of time, the transaction can lead to a chargeback.

PayPessa issues a Retrieval Request when a cardholder or a card-issuing organization disputes the authenticity a particular transaction. The Retrieval Request is sent to the pertinent cardholder who will be required to provide proof of the transaction. The elements of proof required in this case are cardholder name, card number, authorization number, transaction amount, transaction date, the name of the merchant and other similar details. It is important to respond to a retrieval request within the allocated period of time as failure to do so may result in a chargeback.

E-commerce and telephone orders are the most common sources of chargebacks. Also, it is important to understand that receiving an authorization approval number is not a guarantee that the transaction will go through. An authorization approval number is just prove that the credit card in question is valid and that there is enough money in the account to fund the transaction. Below are some of the measures you can take to reduce your chances of a chargeback.

  • Create a system for monitoring accounts that have had chargebacks before, for future reference.
  • Do not bill a customer until the product has been shipped out, then get an authorization to complete the transaction when the product has been delivered or the services rendered.
  • Maintain a well detailed record of all customer information like phone numbers, email address, billing addresses, delivery signature and transaction related information like invoices, order forms and delivery receipts.
  • Be cautious about delivering your products to "transient" billing addresses like hotels.
  • Always indicate the medium the transaction was carried out, be it over the phone, on the internet or by mail.
  • Do your best to credit the buyer's account if they dispute the transaction or return the order.
  • Try to verify the address on suspicious orders by calling or emailing the customer to alert them of the order.
  • If possible, always ship your products with a courier you can trust to provide the recipient's signature as proof of delivery.

You have the first ten days from when you were debited to contest a chargeback. You will also need to provide proofs of transaction to support your claims. Once ten days have elapsed after a chargeback, we may not be able to do anything regarding the transaction.

Because of the prevalence of credit card fraud today, at PayPessa, we have implemented extra security measures by partnering with card associations to ensure that your credit card and transaction information are safeguarded while operating in accordance with their rules and regulations.

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol refers to a very high level of security for online communications, it is supported by most browsers. SSL which is a product of Netscape Communications Corporation encrypts communications between a web server and browser. If someone were to send sensitive information over the internet, the SSL encrypts the information to ensure that it is not altered or compromised on its journey from web browser to web server.

SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) is a security protocol designed to boost the security of authenticated electronic carried out over Internet. SET is going to provide a universally accepted standard for verifying transactions carried out via electronic credit cards. This protocol combines the SSL protocol with other digital technologies to authenticate online transactions and the parties involved in such transactions.

Verified by VISA is a password verification protocol which allows for the authentication of cardholders' identities in real-time at the point of checkout by the cardholder's financial institution. This verification can help to reduce chargebacks and the chances of credit card fraud. As a merchant, having the Verified by Visa stamp on your website helps to boost your reputation as a safe and credible shopping site amongst your customer base. Being a trustworthy merchant is one of the easiest ways you can convert visitors to regular paying customers. You can find out more about this verification here; www.visa.ca/verified

We accept a wide variety of cards including American Express cards. However, you will need to add a card plan before the card can be used to make purchases on your site. To do this, you will need to obtain a merchant number from the institution of interest (American  Express) in this case. Once that is done, simply reach out to PayPessa and will activate the card type for your website.

Yes, there are additional fees that come with the Internet Merchant Account. These fees are usually charged for set up and transactions. The charges are however dependent on the amount of your average transaction as well as the type of Merchant Account you have.

Yes, PayPessa has an e-commerce solution for debit cards for merchants who may want to include the INTERAC Direct payment on their websites.

We can provide you with a hosted version of our payment solution for your websites which will activate the ecommerce elements on these sites. Please contact us for more information on this.

No, an authorization number is not a guarantee that a transaction will go through with the credit card of interest. This authorization is simply proof that the card is valid/legitimate (meaning it has not been reported to be stolen or lost) and that the account holds enough money to pay for the purchase.

The process of accepting transactions for online and physical stores differ, regardless of if it is managed by the same merchant. That said, you must apply for a different Internet Merchant number in order to receive payments for goods purchased from your online store.

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