Your business needs money to run and you need a great payment processing system to help you manage your business transactions.

PayPessa is here to help.


At PayPessa, our goal is to create seamless and flexible payment solutions for all our merchants. We provide customized payment solutions for various businesses across several industries and sectors of the economy.

Mobile-friendly solution

Most internet users browse the web with their mobile phones and your customers are these people. That is why PayPessa is a mobile-friendly payment processing solution with all the tools that will allow your customers to make payments online and you to receive those payments.

High level security

Due to the prevalence of cyber crime, running an online business means making sure the personal data of your customers is protected at all costs. With PayPessa, we can guarantee that your customer data will never be compromised, thanks to our PCI compliant payment solutions.

Simple setup

Setting up our payment system on your website is a straightforward and easy process so you can get back to running your business without a hitch.

Round the clock support

Our customer care lines are manned by live operators at all hours of the day. So whenever you have issues that need to be addressed, our support team is never more than a phone call away.


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