Every user who visits and engages the PayPessa website or goes into business with us, whether as a merchant or partner hereby agrees and acknowledges that we have the right to process their personal data while acting as a data controller. As a user of our payment processing platform, it is of utmost importance that we treat your personal data with care and that you are fully aware of how we process the pertinent personal data. This is the Privacy Policy for PayPessa and this statement will disclose information about the type of data we process, why it is processed, how we do it, the duration of time which we can use the data and your rights as the owner of such data.

The type of personal data we collect and why we collect them.

  • Data we collect when you visit our website and about how you use our website

When a user visits our website, we will collect and process information regarding your Google Analytics ID, IP address, location, internet browser and device type, the type of webpages you visited, how you were directed to our website, your language preferences, how you use our website and the time you spent on the website. These personal data so collected are used for legitimate purposes only which is to ensure the proper functioning of the website by performing statistical analyses which will be used to  optimize the website and see to it that we can provide a good user experience for our website. Also, we process your personal data so that we can provide our users with personal offers which have been customized to suit your preferences but only at your request.

The data we collect about how you use our website helps us determine the kind of things you like about PayPessa, which will allow us serve you better. For instance, if a website visitor spends a considerable amount of time on one of our products, we will assume you are interested in that product and we may act on this information by contacting you with offers regarding the product or similar ones. However, we will only contact you if you consent to it, otherwise, we will make no offers.

PayPessa collects this personal information through the use of cookies, javascripts, tags and similar techniques. Our tracking cookies are necessary for the most accurate assessment of the user which will help you determine the audience you likely belong to. Nonetheless, we will not activate the tracking cookies without your prior consent.

  • Data we collect when you contact us or request us to contact you

If you have any questions, requests, complaints or comments to make regarding our services, you want to partner with us or become a PayPessa merchant or sign up for an account on our website, you can contact us or request that we contact you. To take either of the above mentioned action, you will need to fill out a form from where we will collect your name, the name of your company (if applicable), contact details (phone number or email address), the reason for contact, verification that you are a human being as well as any other piece of information you share with us which might help us be of more help to you.

The data you provide in this case will help us address your queries and to assess your application to go into business with us whether as a merchant or partner. In the event where we will need to follow up with you for our legitimate interests, this data will help us establish and perform our contract with you. Your personal data on this case may also be used for conducting market research to help us improve on the products and services we offer to our users.

  • Data we process for our newsletter and marketing purposes

PayPessa users who would like to receive regular updates about our products and services as well as invitations to events can sign up for our newsletter on our website. By filling out the form to sign up for our newsletter, you consent to being sent our newsletters.

We may also contact you with offers in relation to our products and services that may be of interest to you. Nonetheless, it is within your right to unsubscribe to the newsletters at any time by following the instructions that come in the e-mails. Users who are already PayPessa merchants may be contacted via email in relation to specific products and services as well. We only do this for the purpose of growing our business.

In addition to contacting us or requesting that we contact you, we can also collect your data when you download content from our website. This type of content may include research reports and White Papers and we will collect this information for the purpose of keeping track of the downloads on our website.

  • Data we process when you sign up to become a merchant

If a user applies to be a PayPessa merchant, on order to establish a contract with such a user, we will collect information regarding your name, contact information, order details, payment details and tax information. This information so collected will help us set up our business for you and to enable us offer boarding, installation, integration, support of POS terminal field services as well as other actions which will help establish our contract with you. Processing your data will also help in the administrative management as well as in compliance with legal obligations.

PayPessa will also collect and process information regarding your use of our products and services like your login details, queries, complaints and general feedback regarding our business relationship. This data will further help us preform our contract with you and provide you with support to enable us optimize our website and improve on our products and services.

As a corporation in the financial sector, PayPessa is obligated to comply with federal and international laws and regulations to prohibits its users from laundering the proceeds of criminal activities or in financing terrorism. Hence, we do not accept merchant without first carrying out due research on them and should transactions determined by us to be suspicious come up, we will report such transactions and the merchant to the relevant authorities. As such, if you want to apply to be a merchant with PayPessa, we will need to collect and process your information in order to;

  • Authenticate your identity
  • Determine the beneficial owners of your business
  • Determine the purpose and nature of your the business relationship you want with us
  • Track your transactions with the use of automated systems to authenticate the source(s) of your assets and detect potential risks
  • Check for the competence of your business representatives
  • Check if you act for yourself or for a third party.

To perform the checks listed above, we will need to process your identification document, contact information, bank account number, bank statements, the address of your legal representative and company shareholders, your company registration document, information appearing in communication between us and signature.

We process this data to identify, prevent and fight illegal conduct and to act in accordance with our legal know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of the financial sector by aiming

  • Other purposes

If need be, PayPessa may also process any of your aforementioned personal information for the purpose of protecting our legal rights. In the event of a company sale, merger or reorganization, we also have the right to transfer the information we have collected to a third party.

How long do we keep your information?

PayPessa will not retain your medical data any longer than we have need for it. For instance, information regarding your use of our website will only be kept until your browsing session is over. However, if the data is collected for the marketing and analytical purposes, then we will hold unto ther information for 12 months before deleting it from the system.

For our merchants, we will retain information regarding our business relationship till 7 years after your contract with us experts or until your application to  be a merchant is rejected. The information we collect to verify our merchants as we are legally obligated to will be retained till 5 years after the expiration of your contract with us.

We will store information about your queries, comments and feedback to us. If you are not a merchant, we will only keep this information for 2 years but the retention period might be extended depending on the applicable law or for the purpose of developing our business.  Nonetheless, we will no higher retain this information once the pertinent claim(s) has/have been settled.

Social media buttons

Our website features plugins from various social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as plugins for the inserted video players. These plugins are represented by the logos of the various platforms. The plugins on our website will not collect your information unless you click on any of the icons. Clicking on the icons activates the plugin to collect your data and transmit it to the plugin provider.

PayPessa does has no control over the type of personal data the plugin providers can collect from you neither do we have any knowledge about the extent of their data processing. You can find out more about their data processing from the respective privacy policies on the websites of these plugin providers.


We use cookies to collect the personal information of people who visit our website. Cookies are small text files which are stored on the device you are browsing with. Through the function of these cookies, we can optimize and improve our marketing strategy to better serve our users. Cookies are what enables us to target the right audience and show them advertisements of products and services that may be of interest to them.

With whom do we share this information?

We partner with third parties to enable us offer our products and services to our users. Sometimes, we may need to share your personal data with these our third parties such as IT providers

service providers, customer service providers, legal service providers marketing support providers, social media providers and business development providers. We have an agreement with these third party services providers to keep your data secure under all circumstances.

In the event that PayPessa is sold to or merged with another business, your personal data will be shared with our advisers, the advisers of new business and the new owners of the business. We may also share your personal data with other third parties if we have your permission to, provided this sharing of information is with legal claims or when we are legally obliged to do so. Otherwise, your personal data is secured with us and we will not share it with any third party.

How do we protect your data?

We are dedicated to safe guarding the personal information you provide us with which is why we have taken measurable steps involving a variety of technical and organizational measures to ensure that the security and integrity of your data is never compromised.

Where do we transfer this information?

When necessary as in the situations mentioned above, we may share your personal information with PayPessa group companies who are not in the European Economic Area (EEA). These areas outside the EEA include countries where we have operations as well as in countries where some of our service providers are situated like the USA.

To ensure that your data stays secured when transferred outside the EEA, we have in place an intragroup agreement with Standard Contractual Clauses which bounds our service providers outside the EEA excluding those in the United States. Our service providers in the USA are bound by their Privacy Shield certification to safeguard your personal information.

Your Rights

It is within your rights to deny us access to your data for both collection and processing purposes. You have the right to ask us for a copy of your personal data that we have and you may also request the deletion or modification of certain information. You may also prohibit us from sharing or transferring your personal data to any of our third party service providers. Also, even if you initially consented to the collection and processing of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw your consent to these actions whenever it pleases.

However, there are certain exceptions to some of your rights, however. For instance, if we have established or performed a contract with you or we are legally obligated by law to retain your personal data, we will not be able to delete your information in these cases. Also, you may not be granted access to a copy of your personal data if we determine that the information could disclose the personal information of another person. In this cases we are legally mandated to deny access to such information.

If you would like to exercise any of the aforementioned rights, please get in touch with us.

Contacting us, questions and complaints

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, complaints, questions or requests to make regarding this privacy policy and the way we collect and process your information.

Also, you can address any issues you may have with this our privacy policy with the data protection authority of the country where you live or in the country where PayPessa is located.